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David Ewald

Country: Norway

Sport: Classic Body Building

“I want to prove that you can go from a nobody in my sport to the best in the world using Herbalife products and science. To show an entire industry that quality trumps quantity.”

All the hard work you put in over the years boils down to a few minutes. You have to perform equally in all natural movement patterns and maintain it all. At the same time you have to diet down to sub-natural body fat levels. Balancing your weaknesses to your strengths in your physique which might take a decade of training.

For me, nutrition as part of my overall performance is Alpha-omega. I prefer Herbalife nutrition based on personal experiences from people I regard as trustworthy, the fact that they were tested for illegal or prohibited ingredients and that you could work with it.

I stick to the Herbalife products because of the personal effect they gave me. My favorite products are the Herbalife24 series. I use most of the products on a daily basis. I incorporate Herbalife products into my trainings regime with Hydrate and Lift off as pre workout. During the workout I drink Hydrate and post workout H24 Rebuild Strength. I always eat H24 Formula 1 Sport before my workouts.(that’s right, EAT).

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