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Julia Roth

It’s important to put yourself in a good mental space with good mental thoughts. The swing doesn’t change overnight but your mental aspect could and you’re the one that can control it.

People don’t think nutrition is that important for golfers. But I know good nutrition makes a huge difference. In tournaments we are on the course for 5-6 hours playing, where you have to have a really sharp mind and head. This means it is super important to eat and drink the right things, before, during and after the rounds. I see too many golfers that are not paying attention to their nutrition and this is hurting them in the long run. I’ve always been aware of nutrition and what I eat. But lack of knowledge and experiences so it’s not until the past two years where I really started to understand my body and its needs to be able to be the best version of me on and off the golf course.

I was introduced to Herbalife through a Herbalife Member who helped me out from the first day. He explained, and showed I needed to use Herbalife and what is was going to do to me as a professional athlete. I love the H24 line. CR7 is a must for me on the course while Im playing. I always start my days with a shake, and Rebuild Strength is something I drink right after my workouts and tournament round, for a quick recovery. I also couldn’t go a day without Aloe Vera Mango, which is really easy on the stomach.

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